It was magical…..

It happened. We met them yesterday and it was totally magical…. more than I ever could have hoped for! When they first came in the room, we all shook hands…. I am sure they were nervous but I certainly was, too! We sat down and talked a little bit and then the kids gave us a tour of their current home. We sat down to dinner and things flowed so well. I was fearful that we wouldnt know what to say to eachother but we always had plenty to talk about.

Some things I learned about them:

  • They prefer onion rings to french fries
  • Donald’s favorite food is calamari and Daffy’s favorite food is mini pizzas
  • Donald likes wood working and fishing and the Yankees
  • Daffy definitely likes all things girly and the Red Sox (she even has a pink hat!!)
  • Donald likes reading and science
  • Daffy is excited to apply for an advisory role at her current school

The cutest thing…. I took a picture of some desserts that they made and when Daffy looked at the picture, she commented “Oh look! It says our names on our plates so you won’t forget our names!”   As if I ever could, Daffy, as if I ever could.

Goodbyes were great…. the kids kept hugging us…. even Donald, which was totally unexpected! I think he hugged us more than Daffy did! We asked them if it would be okay if we came back this weekend and brought our other children and they seemed excited about it!

Can’t wait for the next visit in this exciting journey! 🙂

-Minnie xo

[All names have (obviously) been changed to protect the privacy of our family.]

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