Donald & Daffy Meet the Crew

Yesterday was a very exciting day for our family! Tinkerbell, Goofy and Pluto finally got to meet Donald & Daffy! When we pulled up, Donald came running alongside the truck and he was waving like a maniac! When I got out of truck, I told him I missed him and asked how his week was and he replied “I missed you! I was thinking of you so much! I couldn’t even pay attention, I was thinking of you so much!” Awwwww, doesn’t that melt your heart? I introduced him to the bio kids and he was quick to hug everyone as I went along. On the other hand, Daffy was quite aloof. She was more interested in showing us her Ripstick skills than meeting anyone new. When she did get introduced, she only shook hands.

The 7 of us played outside for about an hour before dinner. For the most part, that went well and the kids were able to burn off a lot of energy playing freeze tag and shooting hoops. The only thing of notable interest was Donald kicking a soccer ball at my back. Hard. I am sure that is the first of many times he will test me to see how much I will take. He doesn’t know it yet and couldn’t possibly be asked to believe it, anyway, but I am in this for the long haul. I certainly don’t look forward to the trying days, but I accept that they come with the territory and will do all I can to learn how to best deal with them.

I have found myself thinking more about my parenting style, especially as I interact with Donald & Daffy. Things that would be commonplace and taken as a joke within our bio family are things we need to be careful of as we work to blend the families.

Goofy made the mistake of bringing his ipod and when Donald got ahold of it, we lost him completely. Note to Goofy: do not bring electronics to future visits. Lesson learned.

We ate Shepard’s pie for dinner (Tinkerbell’s favorite…. and Donald didn’t even take a bite!) and then took a group shot of our feet (usually a beach tradition but modified for the occasion). We made plans to return on Wednesday and good byes were much quicker this time.

I had been very much looking forward to the kids meeting each other and realize it’s great importance, but I also find myself looking forward to visits that Mickey & I attend alone. I feel that we still need to do a lot of work to really connect with them and start to build trust.

All in all, our visits so far have been just as fantastic as we had hoped and we are looking forward to next visits this holiday week!

-Minnie xo

[All names have (obviously) been changed to protect the privacy of our family.]

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