Our first off site visit!

Life has been a whirlwind lately! Any free time we have is spent with the kids which means we dont have our tree up, the lights arent on the house, heck, we are struggling to keep up with our daily chores! Its all worth it in the end, though, and we are enjoying every minute with Donald & Daffy!

Our meeting this week with the team was EXTREMELY productive! Not only did we get the December schedule but also January….. including a move in date for the kids! We are beside ourselves with excitement! Seeing that date is writing is finally making it REAL! There are still many things left to accomplish and I am so thankful for all the training that is in place to prepare us.

Tonight we enjoyed our first “off site” visit with the kids. We went for pizza (won’t make the mistake if going to THAT place again) and then went to Friendly’s for dessert! The kids were extremely well behaved! I can’t get over the manners they have! We have implemented a challenge where the “winner” of the best manners will be treated to homemade cookies by the losers. I can guarantee it will be me doing the baking. LOL

We learned Wednesday that Donald had a rough time the first part of the week. He had learned of our meeting and assumed the meeting was where we would decide we didn’t want him. ūüė¶ Then today we were told that Daffy had a tough end of he week and actually kicked in a door with her BARE FOOT! That’s some serious anxiety right there! We are told this is a good thing in the big picture, though, as this means they are actually attaching in some senses and that they are accepting the reality of the situation. I did bring up to both kids tonight at dinner that we are here for them and want them to talk to us about their feelings and use their words. There were an intense few seconds while they absorbed what we said and then they promptly went back to eating. lol Baby steps, right? Its going to take a long time before they trust that what we say is true, but we are in this for the long haul.

One f the cutest moments of the day is when Donald & Daffy introduced their siblings to some friends and they proudly announced “They do planking!” Haha, you never know what will stand out in the kid’s minds. Every time they have asked about planking, I have tried to brush it off as “some silly thing” but clearly they are in awe. So in the spirit of family, when we walked out from dinner, I announced it was the perfect time to plank! Their faces lit up and they will so thrilled to be a PART of something¬†the family through this thing called planking! They even did a group plank! I am definitely going to have to make safety a priority and I fully expect to be questioned about this activity, but if it gains their trust and helps them to feel connected, I am all for it!

Tomorrow is our first home visit. We are really excited for them to see the house, their rooms and meet the pets! While I am sure this will help alleviate some anxiety of the unknown, I am sure it will bring up some new behaviors as they realize that this is another step closer to becoming the forever family they so¬†desperately¬†want…. yet so¬†desperately¬†fear.

-Minnie xo

[All names have (obviously) been changed to protect the privacy of our family.]

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