Visits and Treatment Team

Wednesday: Daffy had her holiday concert on Wednesday! She was all dressed up and looked so cute! Donald and I went in support. After her group was done performing, she came off stage and moved into the audience. She called me over so she could sit on my lap. I felt like a GIANT as the only adult sitting in the front row, LOL She told all of her friends that I was her “new mom” … what a GREAT feeling!

Thursday: I had the chance to join both kids in their therapeutic  horseback riding lesson…. even so far as getting on the horse! It was quite amusing as it turns out Goofy is afraid of horses, LOL On the way back, Donald randomly stated “I love you”. My simple response? “I love you too!” It feels very much like both kids are attaching, but I have no background in RAD or PTSD, so I guess I dont really know. I am told things are going in a good direction and that the kids are acting out at an expected level. I guess thats good, right?

Friday: Today we had a Treatment Team meeting. I am always in awe of what an amazing support team the kids have in place. I received some great feedback about my response to what happened between Donald & Daffy this weekend (with the high heel in the eye incident) and we discussed the transition. I have to say I have been very frustrated that they are not registered or school and aren’t yet signed up with their new counselor but I was assured that will happen by the beginning of the week.

This weekend is out first sleepover! Needless to say we are all really excited about it!

-Minnie xo

[All names have (obviously) been changed to protect the privacy of our family.]

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