The countdown begins [12 days till forever begins]

So, this morning we got a phone call that nearly rocked our whole world. Our case worker let us know that since Mickey is not on the actual foster license we could face an issue with the transition of Donald & Daffy to our home. I am approved for only ONE child, not two, because we have 3 bio kids in the home. Mickey was immediately sent to be fingerprinted and then began the worries of how to schedule him for 5 classes in 12 days (with the closest dates for 3 of the classes being February).

To go backwards a little bit, all caseworkers and the state office KNEW that I was the only one licensed throughout the process. They said there are often exceptions made allowing for sibling groups. The plan was always that Mickey would take classes along the way and be added eventually, but it was never a priority, especially once we started pre placement visits because that was so time intensive.

To make a long story short, through the hard work and many phone calls of some very wonderful agency workers, and despite some new policies that have gone into effect in the last week, they were able to grant an exception! So, thus begins the official count down! 12 days until Donald & Daffy will be officially moved into our home. 13 days until they start at their new school and begin the adjustment into their new lives. Tinkerbell and I discussed on the way home from tonight’s visit that we simply can’t imagine what that must be like. No matter how much they like us and no matter how much we LOVE them, it has to be the most terrifying experience in the world. Taking into consideration the number of past placements and rejections they have had, it is likely even MORE compounded.

With that said, tonight’s visit was probably one of the best we have had! They were both in very light moods and able to be redirected with humor during some frustrating moments of their homework. They were really excited to perform a puppet play for us while we videotaped. They would watch and then delete and do another. This happened probably 6 times. Its so interesting to watch them during these “plays” because you can see them working through so much… things from their past, mixed with things from the present.

Tomorrow we tell the kids. It will be just 11 days before the first day of the rest of their lives. How exciting is that????

-Minnie xo

[All names have (obviously) been changed to protect the privacy of our family.]

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  1. So happy for you! It will be the longest 12 days ever……praying for fast clocks. Weird, my oldest and I were just discussing the same thing. As adults, it’s hard for us to comprehend the idea of a new addition, can’t imagine a total new identity.


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