The countdown continues… [Telling the kids]

The meeting today was productive. We confirmed a meeting with the school, a meeting with new counselors in our area and generally talked about how the kids are doing through the transition from the group home they are currently placed at. According to one, their behaviors are “elevated but not out of the norm or spiked”, which is awesome for these 2 kids.

Towards the end of the meeting, the kids were invited to join us to go over the January calendar which includes 2 triple sleepovers, a Going Away Party, their last day at their current school and their first day of school at their new school. I was so nervous to see their reaction. We decided that we would seat them between Mickey & I and to go over to the schedule around the big conference table. Introductions went around the table and I introduced myself as “Minnie. The Mom” and not to be outdone, Daffy followed by saying “I am Daffy. The kid.” Ha! Love that girl! Anyway, Daffy sat next to me, her brother next to her and Mickey at the end. I started to show them where today was on the calendar and began going through the dates. It was VERY obvious there was a big change  coming as the calendar ended January 17th. As I went through the dates, I got more and more nervous. I knew I was eventually going to have to put words to describing the official transition and with a room full of social workers, I was afraid I would cry! Finally, I got to he end of the schedule and said “and here is where forever will begin”. Silence. Dead silence. In an effort to break the ice, I whispered “cricket, cricket” and got a few chuckles. I can’t even really recall exactly who said what but Daffy was THRILLED to pieces. This is everything she has been hoping for! I asked Donald if he was nervous and he looked bashful and said he was. Daffy interrupted and and said “Is anyone going to ask MEEEEE how I am feeling?” with the slyest of grins! She couldn’t wait to share her excitement. I think it was great for Donald to see her excitement as he is very protective of her.

It’s so hard to believe that the move in day is just 11 days away, 6 of which will be sleepovers here anyway! As I type, the kids are settling in for a 3 night sleepover. They are watching “Fairly Odd Parents” and I am considering doing a bit of work. This transition has been really tough on my work schedule and I am really grateful for two awesome bosses (I do contract work) who have been extremely accommodating. I am hoping things will normalize once the kids are here since we will knock off a minimum of 8 hours per week just in DRIVING time to visit with the kids each week.

I can’t end today’s post without a special thank you to Foster Parent Adventures for her Versatile Blog Award! I was beyond touched to read her post this morning and plan to address it as well as pass on the award to some of MY favorite bloggers very soon! 🙂

-Minnie xo

[All names have (obviously) been changed to protect the privacy of our family.]

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  1. I’m crying tears of joy for you! ( I swear I should just carry a holster of tissues at my waist at this point). So happy for you and the entire family! HOORAY!

  2. How exciting! So glad I stumbled onto your blog and can’t wait to read more!


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