What’s next for Donald?

We attended an emergency treatment team meeting last week with our state case worker and others in her office. Her second tier boss led the meeting and said that we needed to look at this case in an unorthodox way and that she was open to all input. What I think she REALLY meant is that she had a plan that she wants us to try and she would manipulate us to do it. The ironic thing is that her goals arent so far off from what we offered to begin with. I hate that she is ultimately “playing games” when it comes to real lives!

So, the plan as it stands now, is that upon discharge from the hospital, Donald will return to the residential treatment facility he was previously placed in when we met him. The goal is reunification with our family, but they suggested that the transition must be MUCH slower this time, taking as long as a year. Daffy will stay with us, but has been removed from the adoption track we were on. Ultimately, if we were able to adopt her this summer, we could legally just walk away. That is not the goal of the state. So, again looking ONLY at Donald’s best interest, they are taking  adoption off the table for Daffy to protect him. I get it. I get the ultimate reason even though they wont directly admit it, but it frustrates me that they will ignore what is best for Daffy when they can’t even be certain themselves if he will EVER be safe enough to live in a family by their own admission.

Our social worker was not thrilled to have him back at that group home. He has already been there 2.5 years and it’s an hour drive from our home. She tried to advocate for another facility closer to us, but was shot down. We were able to win the battle to keep his new therapist who is supposedly one of the best in the state. I guess that’s one point in his favor.

He was not discharged from the hospital last week as blood work showed his liver functions are up, likely from medications. (Is this something that should have been monitored BEFORE a hospitalization? Hmm…) They decided to remove him from all meds to clean the slate and then start over. We werent given a time line other than they expected his discharge would be today (Monday). We saw him on Saturday and it was quite obvious that he was off his meds. He was literally shaking in his skin.

Daffy is definitely starting to show some of her tougher behaviors. I think she is testing to see if we will “give her back, too.” *sigh* If only there were words to make her know how much we love her, but alas, all we have is time, I suppose. And without being dangerous, we are definitely NOT giving her back.

Got a couple of cute “Daffy-isms” I want to share, but I am exhausted so I will save them for another day… g’night!

-Minnie xo

[All names have (obviously) been changed to protect the privacy of our family.]

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