Our Chats

One of Daffy’s favorite things is to “chat” each night before bed. We got home later than usual last night because of her Girl Scout meeting and I told her we only had 15 minutes to chat. Somehow she always manages to weasel extra time out of me with her charming personality and heartwarming talks. I stayed in her room almost an hour last night. First I read a story and then we talked. I reminded her about her therapy appointment for today and our team meeting. She said “I wish I was being adopted tomorrow!” It KILLS me that she has ZERO concept of time because she JUST told the social worker last week that she wanted to be adopted in December! She has NO CLUE how far away December is. Honestly, I dont know that she gets time beyond yesterday, today and tomorrow. *sigh* Later in the conversation, she mentioned telling a previous  therapist that she didnt think she should live with Donald. She said that over time she would go back and forth and that the therapist told her she could take time to think. She said she has mentioned this to her current therapist as well. I didnt want to say too much or ask too many questions because I didnt want to plant any definitive ideas with so many unknowns and variables right now. At first I thought she might be feeling me out to determine if Donald is really coming back, but as the conversation went a little further, I realized that she was trying to determine if SHE would leave if she didnt want to live with her brother. Without saying too much about him, I assured her she is here to stay. I hope I am right.

-Minnie xo

[All names have (obviously) been changed to protect the privacy of our family.]

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