Book Review: The Adoptive & Foster Parent Guide

The Adoptive & Foster Parent Guide, by Carol Lozier

I have been following Carol on Twitter for some time now and have always found that she shared valuable tips and information regarding foster parenting and adoption. When I realized she had written a book, I just knew I had to read it!

Carol’s book, “The Adoptive & Foster Parent Guide” is perfect for those considering foster care or adoption as well as for those with more experience! Just in reading through the Tables of Contents, I could see that she would cover some of the burning questions I have found myself asking over the past few months since we transitioned a sibling group in to our home. In reading through the book, she provided many examples, questions and exercises to uniquely personalize the experience to our own children.

This book is written in an easy to understand format, making it more relatable. Some of my favorite topics included:

  • Defining the 4 Attachment Styles– This is the #1 struggle I feel I face as an adoptive parent. How will I know when my adoptive children have attached? Carol’s thorough list of examples for each attachment type has helped me to more clearly see where we are in this process.
  • Roles of Family Triangles– I know its common that adopted children will naturally become closer to one parent over another, but are there things I can do to change that? To build both relationships simultaneously? Carol has give me some new insight and tools in this chapter!
  • Behavior Plans & Charts– This terminology rolls off the tongues of the staff in group homes but meant nothing to me until I read Carol’s book. I feel like I now know how and why to implement a behavior plan!
  • Defining the Team Roles– Our team is at an almost unmanageable size between the two children in our care. This section clearly defines who should be involved and what their role is. This is definitely a reference tool I will refer to over and over.

I would highly recommend this book to any foster or adoptive parents looking for a practical idea-driven approach to parenting foster or adoptive children with complicated traumas.

Carol Lozier is a psychotherapist in private practice who specializes in helping foster and adopted children and families. She graduated from Florida State University in 1989 with a Masters degree in Social Work. Carol can also be found here on Facebook and on the web.

Have you read this book? Please feel free to leave me a comment with your thoughts!

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