Winds of Change

I feel the winds of change coming through. This week Daffy’s therapist told her that she had been doing a good job sharing how she feels about her brother, Donald. I feel like this must be what she needed to hear to really open up, because the past few days we have seen a glimpse of whats inside Pandora’s Box.

A few things Daffy has shared since her appointment this week:

  • Daffy told Mickey  and her foster brothers that it was really scary when she first came to live with us because of all her brothers “tantrums” and that its “much better with him gone.”
  • Last night at dinner, Daffy shared with all of us that she doesn’t think we should allow Donald to do karate because she believes that he will not use it only for self defense and that he would use it to hurt someone.
  • When asked if she wanted to talk to her brother last night, she grumbled and then said “Tell him I am busy but I am thinking about him.”
I feel like Daffy’s therapist has made it safe for Daffy to express her fears about her brother and his abusive behaviors. I feel like this is the first step in Daffy having a voice at all. It gives me hope for her future.

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