Our First {Foster} Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approached, I was really nervous about how Daffy would do. This is not the first Mother’s Day without her biological mother, but the first in our family and I feared this might bring up feelings of loss. I worried for nothing… Daffy was a peach! She snuck in early in the morning and left a home made card by my pillow where I was sleeping, or pretending to anyway. Then, she made me toast with jelly for breakfast (Mickey was making breakfast pizza so the toast was an appetizer of sorts). She even put a cherry on top for a garnish!

For the past 11 years (minus one rain filled flooded day) we have celebrated Mother’s Day by going to a local amusement park. The kids always have a blast and I love it because Moms get in FREE! (Obviously with 5+ kids, its important to be frugal!) Daffy was really excited about our tradition, even sharing at school with her teacher beforehand. Some friends joined us and we piled into 2 cars and headed to the park! The day was PERFECT! The sun was shining brightly enough that we could actually enjoy the water rides. Daffy did her very first upside down roller coaster. And Tink, Goofy & I showed Daffy the magic of “leaning in” on the Tilt-A-Whirl to reach super fast speeds! I honestly couldnt have asked for more.

I love crossing these “firsts” with Daffy… building her history with us… sharing the best parts of our traditions with her… and embracing her into our lives.

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  1. Glad it went well. We are a big amusement park family too, but Mother’s Day is the one day we _don’t_ go to the park. LOL.


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