A Reunion

This weekend Daffy reunited with Woody, Jessie & Buzz (a former pre-adoptive family)! Things could not have gone more perfectly! When we arrived, Jessie was outside and greeted Daffy with a warm hug! Jessie had tears in her eyes but held it together very well. Next, Woody & Buzz came out to greet Daffy with more hugs, commenting how much she had grown in the past 3 years. We shared introductions (as Mickey and Tink had not met any of them before) and then went inside. Daffy was eager to explore her old stomping ground, checking out what used to be her room and then Buzz’s room (which was the room Donald shared during the few days that he lived there). Daffy was thrilled to see their cats and get reacquainted with them. Mickey and Woody hit it off immediately and carried on their own conversation for most of the 4 hours we stayed. Jessie shared details about what life was like for them when the kids lived with them and things she knew of the past. She promised to hunt down paperwork that she knew she had somewhere and pass it on to me. Throughout the entire visit, she was completely respectful of my role as “Mom” and was very careful of boundaries. We all left smiling with promises to set up another visit soon!

Tomorrow is the “big day”. Daffy will receive a reply to the letter she wrote to her birth mom. Our sw was planning to take her, but Daffy asked that I attend, so I will be taking her. Our sw says thats a great thing that Daffy trusts me enough to allow me to support her. I asked Daffy tonight during our chat if she wanted to take a note card so she could reply right away or if she wanted to take some time to think before she responds. She chose to take some time to think. I know the letter will be “appropriate” or it would not have been approved by the state to hand on, but I am still nervous about how Daffy might react. This is sure to evoke strong emotions in her. How could it not?

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  1. robynx84

     /  May 22, 2012

    Wow! Big big things for Daffy and your family 🙂 I’m glad the visit went well, best of luck tomorrow

  2. robynx84

     /  May 22, 2012

    Wow! Big things for Daffy and your family, good to hear the visit went well and best of luck tomorrow

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