Letters To The Team

Once the kids were placed with us, the social worker from our agency talked to Daffy about attending team meetings to speak up for herself. She said she didn’t feel comfortable doing that but was willing to write letters. Each month she writes a letter to the team asking questions and giving her opinions. Some of the things she shares are amusing (her wish for a cell phone) and others are quite serious (her fear that her brother will kill her hamster). Each letter always follows the same format and includes LOTS of PS’s and pictures to reinforce what she is writing about. She did recently agree to start attending team meetings in July, but still wanted to write one last letter for the June meeting.

The letter reads:

Dear Team,

I really dont want to get Donald mad still. But you guys have taught me that Donald has people helping him and I thank you for that. Can’t wait till I go to the meeting in July.



PS Tell my Mom to stop making me write letters to Donald. (Drawing of notes and herself with a speech bubble saying “Ugg”)

PPS 1. I want to be adopted. 2. I want it scheduled for Dec 2nd. Can you do that? (Drawing of the judge with a speech bubble saying “Yes”)

PPSS Can we show a video that my fairy godmother made me? (Drawing of a laptop playing “1000 Years”)

PPPSS Wait till you see the pink in my hair. (Drawing of hair with pink streaks)

PPPSSS Can I change my middle name to XXXX? (Drawing of middle name she prefers)

I am hopeful that the team, many who are people she rarely sees, will see into her words and answer her plea for permanency. I pray daily that they will stop putting her brother’s needs ahead of hers and finally provide her with a forever family who loves and adores her. Is that really so much to ask?

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