Forward Progress

Sometimes life is truly hard to measure. Each day blends neatly into the next and while progress is being made, its hard to compare. This weekend Daffy informed me that this week was the “Wax Museum” at school and she would NOT be attending. [The Wax Museum is a project where the kids research someone famous, then dress the part and pretend they are wax figures while reciting facts in the first person to the parents. It’s NOT optional.] I looked at her in disbelief. I thought she had been working on it at school, but apparently that was not the case. In my mind, I could hear my social worker reminding me to give her options as I stated “You WILL be doing this project. You have two choices. You can get up and do the project on the computer or you can get up and do this project in your room, but you WILL be doing this project!” And you know what happened? She got up the next morning, got on the computer and did the best damned research I have ever seen that kid do. She didnt fuss. She didnt whine. She didnt even ask for help. She just did it. Then she came to me to brainstorm ideas for the poster and I suggested she color some art in the same style as the artist she will be representing. She agreed and began to work on a gorgeous flower. As if this process hadnt been perfect enough, she allowed me to take pictures and she even created a 10 minute video with all the facts… in character!

I am BLOWN away. When I think back to the project she worked on in February, I truly can’t believe this is even the same child. She spent as much time crying in February as she did working on the actual project. It was a battle for an entire week and DEFINITELY not worth the hassle. Just 3 months later, things are so different. She is far less resistant… not just when it comes to homework, but also to eating, showering, cleaning….

Trust me, she isnt perfect. And neither am I. But I think we are at a point where I can truly say “We got this. We’re good!”… and it feels great.

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