My Heart is Breaking

The long awaited “secret” conference call between our sw, cw and their bosses finally happened this morning. Our social worker called us immediately following and I could tell from the tone of her voice that the call hadnt gone well. She shared that the state feels that we are not fully committed to Donald (despite DAILY phone calls, weekly visits and 2-3 letters per week from the family). They are concerned that my fears are not appropriate and maintain that Donald has “made improvements.” They want an honest answer regarding our commitment to him. Today.

With how things went when he lived here, reviewing the way its gone for Donald in EVERY prior placement and the lack of ANY changes that would keep our family safe from him, we have no choice but to let them know that we can NOT commit to taking him back into care. Daffy’s therapist will be going officially on the record recommending that they not be placed together for Daffy’s safety. We will plead our case as to why Daffy should not be moved.

The bottom line is, the state can make any choice they want, going against every member of the team who feels a move would NOT be in Daffy’s best interest. And there is nothing anyone can do to stop that.

I am literally sick.

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  1. How sad. The sibling group can not be the priority, the child needs to be the priority. Our children made 7 moves in two years because of one child. The therapist I found finally said that being placed as a sibling unit may result in yet another disruption. So they finally let me split up the three, allowing us to adopt the two boys. The third child is doing much better as a single unit. The two boys have benefited GREATLY due to this decision. Chapters 18 – 20. best of luck. If you need to refer to those chapters with them, feel free!!!!

  2. Left a reply to this on the wrong blog, can’t find my reading glasses; on vacation. See respite for this comment.


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