In addition to our nightly chats, Daffy & I have recently begun writing back and forth in a journal. Sometimes we write during our chat time and read them out loud to each other. The other day, Daffy’s note included a PS thanking us for coming to her Wax Museum. Our conversation following went something like this:

Me: Daffy, why would you thank me for coming to your Wax Museum?

Daffy: Because I thought you would be too busy to come.

Me: What? No! We are never too busy for our kids! That’s what families do- they support each other!

Daffy: No one ever came for me before when I was at the group home.

Her words broke my heart! As grateful as I am to the group home that cared for her and provided safety for 2.5 years, they were not a family. They could not provide the love and support that a little girl needs, the kind of love that can only come from parents. I am grateful for the opportunity to provide that love to her and pray to God we are able to adopt her and show her that family truly is forever.

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  1. I love this idea! What a great way to create a safe and potentially less awkward way to chat about certain topics. I could see this being very helpful in our house. (And, ok, the fact that it would force writing practice is a bonus as well).


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