Daily Documenting Books from Paper Coterie

I don’t think I ever posted about the awesome journal I got for Daffy for Christmas…. it was in her stocking and when she saw it she was dumbfounded because Santa was able to get a picture of her from the prior year to include (thank you internet!). This is the journal we have been writing in back and forth lately. I see lots of letters in the future… its such a great tool for us to use to communicate in a way that we might not be able to verbalize!

Anyway, today while browsing one of my very favorite online deal sites, She Saved, I stumbled on a super cool new product from Paper Coterie…  its called a Daily Documenting Book! I am in total freakin’ love and MUST own one of these! Not only is this awesome, but ON SALE FOR 40% OFF right now!

I wish this had been around (or I had seen it) when we began this journey! It’s the perfect tool to document all those little moments leading up to adoption. You can add your own photos, too! Its like a scrapbook but in a super easy format!In addition to being the coolest thing I have seen to document your personal journey, I know many foster families are required to keep a daily log of their foster children’s lives for their case worker. Can you imagine anything more beautiful to document the ins and outs of foster life? How about presenting THIS to the judge while advocating to adopt your foster child?

I probably sound like a commercial, but I want to let you know I am not compensated in any way for this post. I truly think this is an awesome product and wanted to share it will all of my foster/adopt friends… right before I go order one for myself! 🙂

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