How Daffy Imagines I Spend My Day

For Mother’s Day this year, Daffy filled out a questionnaire about me at school. I was quite impressed with how well she knew me, considering we had met only 6 months prior! I had to chuckle at the fact she referenced TWICE my love of my bed and of sleeping! I won’t argue with her about either point, though, because she is right! I am blessed to be able to work at home and I do actually “work” online right from my bed! And, given some “free time”, a nap would likely be my first choice!

While both these statements may be true, there is so much more to how I actually spend my days. Daffy has no idea how much of my time is spent every single day quietly advocating behind the scenes for her best interest. Without her even being aware, I am constantly working to ensure her the very best future I can. I comunicate her needs and ongoing issues to her therapist and check in at each appointment. I update her case worker as to her hopes and dreams for the future. I tell her social worker about the things that are important to her and how our family is processing the changes to our biological family. I keep her Wendy’s Wonderful Kids worker and GAL updated. I research foster care issues, attachment issues and other mental health issues affecting her and her brother. I take classes online to be sure I am most informed and able to advocate for her unique needs. I attend foster parent support groups and trainings offered by our agency. I schedule and attend appointments and consultations to be sure her health needs are being met. I communicate her educational needs to her school team.  I plan and  schedule visits with the people who were important in her life before she came to live with us in January. And these are just the behind-the-scenes things!  But ya know what? As much as I do love napping, I wouldn’t trade any this work for all the naps in the world!

Thanks for the topic inspiration, The Blog Dare!

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