Review Hearing | We Set An Adoption Date!

This afternoon we had our quarterly review hearing with the court. We had requested that Daffy be able to go and meet the judge (for the very first time!). We picked her up from school and made the hour drive to the court house. On the way, I explained the importance of standing when the judge speaks to you and when you speak, as well as referring to her as “Your Honor”… she thought that was pretty silly, but did accept it once I compared it to the title of Doctor, Chef or even Mom, LOL

Daffy seemed pretty comfortable when we arrived. Obviously she recognized many of the people from the team right away and began chatting with them about her summer and the recent sleepover with the former foster family. Once we were called into the court, she became quiet as a mouse. The judge began by asking all of us to state our names. (I am always so proud, when I add “Pre-adoptive Mom” to my name!) She then spoke directly to Daffy to welcome her and  asked the state & GAL if there were any updates since their written reports submitted in the past couple weeks. The state updated about the consult saying that the recommendations were in line with what the team had been thinking and that all indications were that Daffy should be adopted.

The judge then started to ask Daffy some questions but was not able to hear her quiet little tiny voice (one I have never heard since she has been with us, LOL) so the judge asked if it would be okay if she came closer. The judge sat in a chair near Daffy and chatted with her about her summer and her hamster and other little things. Then, she asked the question we were all waiting for…. whether or not she wanted to be adopted and when! Daffy said she wanted to be adopted on 10/11/12. The judge talked to the clerk (or whomever was that lady taking notes in the room, lol) and determined the date was available and at that exact moment, Daffy’s adoption was put into the schedule!!! I could feel my eyes filling with tears. Months of waiting for us, months of challenges for everyone and a lifetime of struggles for Daffy had all been leading up to this. This one day will change things forever! Oh, I know that Daffy’s isn’t going to wake up the next day and be a perfect angel…. heck, I am not going to become the perfect parent either…. but this day will be a defining moment in Daffy’s life and ours! She will officially and legally become our DAUGHTER! (Just typing that word brings more tears to my eyes!) I am so very much in love with this little girl and will spend my life working to repair the damage that has been done to her over the past 9.5 years. She will finally belong, something she has needed and craved for a very long time. We are so blessed to be the ones to be able to provide that permanent security to her.

I am so grateful for all of the people who made this possible. From our newest case worker and our social worker, to our friends & family and the many people who have supported me on this blog and on Twitter…. I can’t possibly thank you enough. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I know that’s true. I also know I have the very best village a girl could ask for. So, thank you all for helping us to get to this point in the process! We look forward to celebrating with all of you in October! 🙂

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  1. Congratulations – that is wonderful!

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