Tink’s Story

This is the first in a series of Guest Posts by other Cast Members here at Foster Adoption. I asked our daughter, Tinkerbelle, to share her version of events from the time we decided to pursue foster care through the hearing on Monday when we finally determined an adoption date for Daffy. 

From the beginning and still to this day, I am in love with the idea of fostering and then adopting children. Everyone needs a loving family. Not just with the people they are born to, but when things don’t turn out right, they need the next loving family to take them and love them the way a child should be loved. I remember the first day that I was told about the idea of becoming a foster family; I was so in love with the idea. Words couldn’t describe how happy I was. I had always wanted a younger sister. And then the day my mom showed me the picture of Donald and Daffy, I fell in love. I cried with tears of happiness because I was so happy that we could help these kids. I couldn’t wait to meet them and for them to move in and spend their lives with us.

My parents met Donald and Daffy before I did, and I remember them coming home and showing us all the pictures they took and told us all the stories from the night. They told us about the other children living there as well. The day that I first met Donald and Daffy, I wanted to take them home with me and never bring them back. They kept a smile on my face the whole time. But along with all the happiness, I had fear because you could see in their eyes that [they thought] we were going to hurt them, which we never would. I also remember meeting all of the other kids and falling in love with all of them, because I felt so bad for them and how long they had all lived there [in the group home].

When they first started having sleepovers with us, it was still fun. I loved sharing a room with Daffy, even though she was a slob. Both Donald and Daffy were always testing us. They wouldn’t eat food, they were always fighting with each other and all of us. The day that we went to pick them up to move in officially, I bawled my eyes out so hard because I was so sad for the other kids still there that still do not have a family. That day was so hectic but it was still one of my favorites and will never be forgotten.

Since they moved in, Donald is now gone to a different foster home [rtc] because he was a monster and continually tried beating the girls up in this house. Daffy is the sweetest little sister anyone could ever have. I feel so connected to her. It was so kind of her when she told me that every night she reads the poster I made her saying “I love you lil sister” that she hung above her bead. My favorite memory I had with her is when we went up to my grandparents lake house for the 4th of July weekend, and she fit right in on the boat. It was so adorable when we all connected while I painted everyone’s nails and toenails. I love when Daffy lets me paint her nails and do her hair because I feel so close with her. I loved the day when she let me dye the underneath of her pink because it was something I did in the past, and I thought she did it to copy me.

We found out that we are adopting Daffy on 10/11/12 and I cried so hard because I was so happy that she will finally be in a home where everyone loves her. I can’t wait for her to become a part of our family. It is a great feeling to help previously neglected kids. I know when I get older, I will definitely want to adopt kids with my husband.


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  1. Hi Tinkerbelle,

    I have appreciated and enjoyed getting to know your family through your mom’s blog and Tweets. It warms my heart to know how much you love Daffy, she is so lucky to have you as her big sister. I also love that Donald and Daffy have given you a passion for all foster kids; I think that is so beautiful.


    Carmen Lillian


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