Pluto’s Story

This is the second in a series of Guest Posts by other Cast Members here at Foster Adoption. I asked our son, Pluto, to share his version of events from the time we decided to pursue foster care through the hearing on Monday when we finally determined an adoption date for Daffy. 

The first day I met the kids they seemed ok but I think that was because they didn’t know us. When we visited them they would be on edge and fighting with eachother but could keep normal. Once they started staying with us over the weekends at our house, Donald would get crazy. One time I was on the computer and could hear yelling but then saw my mom restraining Donald. It got worse after he moved in. Right before the kids moved in Donald wasn’t listening to my mom my mom sent him to go out side and play in the snow. He was still mad and I think that might have made him more mad. He then hid one of the sleds that we were using and found a stick and put it in the dogs butt. After we all came inside he seemed less tense but if someone said something he didn’t like he would have probably freaked out. Another moment when he freaked out was after he met his teachers at school. In the car Daffy and Donald were suppose to be sharing the game boy but Donald didn’t share. When we got home he didn’t want to get out of the car so my dad stayed there with him. That was the first day I heard him swear. There was a few really scary times. The first really scary time was when he was in his room screaming and swearing. He came out near the balcony and starting throwing some bag with books in it at the dogs and cat. I was near watching and saw him throw it I got the animals and put them on the basement to be safe. Once he said “the basket is coming down next” he turned around and my mom restrained him. The other scary moment was when Daffy and her friend were playing in the closet and Donald was in there. He got mad for some reason and started punching a window in there. He grabbed a doll Daffy was playing with and she got out and was sitting on the couch and he threw it at her and hit her. She says, whenever we talk about it, that she passed out for a second. Now we all have been happy that he has been gone. I have only seen him once since he left. But when my parents told him that we are adopting Daffy, he was very angry, he didn’t answer any questions. He threw books and ran. Now everyone in the house is excited and cant wait for Daffy to get adopted in October.

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  1. Pluto,

    I am sorry that it was so hard for you all when Donald was living in your house. You must have had to be extremely brave during that time. I am excited for all you of you about Daffy’s adoption in October!

    Carmen Lillian


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