Saying Good Bye

Since receiving the news of our agency’s closing, things have gone far better than I ever could have imagined! Not only did we get the okay for Daffy to be adopted, but we even set the date! While our case will be wrapped up before the agency closes, my heart still breaks for the many kids in our state (and neighboring states) who are losing a valuable resource and for the many employees who will be looking for work during an already depressed economic time.

In related news, both of our closest workers from the agency have secured jobs. I am extremely happy for them both, but find it difficult to say good-bye. The family suport specialist who worked closely with Daffy on 3-5-7 work has already left to pursue another career outside of the social work field. Our sw (a true God-send) will be leaving the agency in late September.

In some ways, saying good-bye one at a time is better than saying good bye all at once. It gives us the chance to find our legs and learn to stand on our own. Mickey and I were talking about just that very thing yesterday and I truly feel ready, confident even. I have grown so much since we started this process. I have learned to truly advocate. I have found my voice.

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