Our First Beach Trip

Another summer has flown by and thankfully we were able to squeeze in a trip the beach this past weekend. We only live about 50 minutes from the coast, so it honestly should not be this difficult of a task.

I have always loved the ocean… not the glitzy glamy part with board walks and fried dough, but the quiet parts… the off the beaten path parts…. the sound of the waves crashing against rocks…. the smell of the salt water…. the grit of the sand… and even the slimy seaweed! Growing up, we visited coastal Maine many times throughout the summer. The ocean was my safe haven. A place where happy memories were made away from the darkness of living with an abusive step-father. In all the years since that chaotic time, I have never stopped loving the ocean! It has always been my refuge.

Seeing Daffy at the beach was amazing! She said she has been before, but some of the things she said made me question that. When we first arrived she asked “Does this lake connect to the ocean?” and of course we explained it was the ocean. She entered the water following Goofy and Pluto going much too deep for my liking considering how strong the waves are. She ended up getting knocked down by a wave and got water up her nose. She seemed stunned by how disgusting the water tasted. She made sand castles and laid in the sun. At one point, she got up and wrote her full new name and the date in the sand and was really excited for me to take her picture beside it! My heart swelled.

I am so in love with this little girl! Every single day with her is a gift! Of course I love all the incredible “firsts” we have been able to experience with her this year, but I also look forward to the things we will do again and again over the years. Traditions are what families are made of.

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  1. What a great family memory!


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