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Daffy had her physical last week and FINALLY received an ADHD diagnosis. She began medication last week and I am hopeful this will benefit her long term. As I told her last week during chat time, the medication wont change who she is, but should help her to feel like her head in not in a blender getting all mixed up all the time.

Earlier that same night she had written me this letter after she struggled to work on the thank you cards from her adoption gifts.


I’m sorry if I did something wrong. I didn’t mean to. If I was The reason that I didn’t get it done when you came out of the shower was cause I was crying for one or two minutes then I went down stairs and yes I did get distracted. I saw the pickles on the counter so I took one. I know I should of asked but it was really tempting and I didn’t want to ask you cause you were in the shower and you wouldn’t of heard me and also you would of yell’d at me for not writing the letters so I made a bad choice then I went in the warm room and looked for a clipboard in there cause thats where they are then that took like 5 minutes then I found one and ran back upstairs. I looked for the notes and I thought I took them with me so I went back downstairs and looked for them for about 1 or 2 min. I went back upstairs and found them. There under my list of people I needed to write thank you notes to so by the time I took out a card, wrote Tracy on it you came out. I don’t know why I didn’t tell you the hole story but there it is. Oh also when you said go in your room I thought you meant go in your room and write the letters in there so I was confused. Sorry.

Love, Daffy Lastname

PS I’m crying cause I don’t know if I did something bad. PSS I still love you PPSS Can I still write my letters? PPSSS Can I still go to the Monster Mash? PPPSSS Write me back please.

Reading her letter made me DIZZY and confirmed for me exactly why the ADHD diagnosis and medication is appropriate for her.

So far the only drawback we have seen with the meds is how it affects her sleep schedule. Her bedtime is 7pm on school nights and 8pm on the weekends. Several nights last week, she was still awake at 11pm. Reports from the school are that she had a very good week. She reported herself that she felt like her brain had flip flopped from bad to focused. We have  seen a lot less difficulty in completely homework and a lot more focus on getting her room cleaned up. Overall, I feel like this is a good choice for her, I just need to decide if this is the right medication for her or if the issues with sleep are too much and we should try a different medication.

I am still planning to follow through on the nueropsych exam that her therapist has recommended because I think it will give us a lot more insight as to areas she needs the most help.

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  1. Reading through your blog – I love it. Just a thought here on the sleep front – my 8 YO has a hard time “turning her brain off” at night and even though she goes to sleep at a regular bedtime (7:30) sometimes can’t get to sleep until 10. I heard about Melatonin, asked my pediatrician – and started giving her 1 mg at 7 pm – she is asleep by 7:30 now and wakes up rested with the sleep she needs. It is not something we’ll do long-term, but there are no side effects, its a naturally occurring hormone, and (for us) has worked wonders in the “well-rested” department. (-:

  2. I haven’t yet read update posts (I’m getting there) I agree with Ado, Melatonin is non addictive, had no residual effect and you are lucky in the USA its attainable, here its a nightmare to get. They’d rather shove addictive sleep meds down a kids throat! It’s all about pharmaceutical costs and control. HINT: Give it before food it works much better and… melatonin doesn’t cause ‘grogginess’ in the morning. There is both synthetic and natural. both work! it’s worth it, yes Rit and all the other’s cause sleep issues, Doctors will try telling you otherwise!


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