Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow!

And just like that, the decision has been made to place Daisy and April here TOMORROW!

Rather than chance that the foster mom changes her mind (yet again) and having to punt at the last minute next week, the caseworker will be officially moving the girls in mid-day tomorrow! The plan is that a parent aide will take the girls to their current school on Tuesday so they have a chance to say goodbye to their teachers and friends and they will begin school in our town next Wednesday! The caseworker is coordinating school registration as I type (or she had best be, LOL). I have been in contact with the school and made my teacher requests as well. I think its going to be a tough year academically for the girls. From what I understand Daisy already has an IEP and has a number of limitations. The foster mom reports that April is slipping through the cracks while all energy is focused on her older sister. I am grateful we have a good school system and hope that they will be open to working with me for the best outcome for both girls.

I called and scheduled eye exams for the girls and left a message with our dentist to get those appointments scheduled for December as well. I have set up appointments for April’s therapy intake and first appointment and have a call in for Daisy’s therapist. I have outlined the services we would like in place once we attend the disclosure meeting on Tuesday. Busy work, mostly, but they give me a sense of accomplishment in a very chaotic time.

The only major thing left to do at this point is pick up a twin mattress from a friend and get the rooms switched around. Tink moved out a couple of weeks ago (a story for another post) and Daffy was planning to take over her room because its larger and has 2 closets. We stalled the switch because we have had the respite teen here this week and thought she might enjoy the privacy. The plan is that Daffy and April will room together and Daisy will have her own room (Daffy’s former room). The idea behind this is that the 2 bio siblings cant shouldn’t room together because of their incessant conflict. I dont want to put Daffy and Daisy together (although they would LOVE it) because I fear they will “gang up” on April. Daffy understands their conflict and this is her chance to shine! She has never been a big sister and she is VERY eagerly looking forward to this.

Of course I know the novelty will wear off, but I am hopefully that we will have a few weeks of excitement and little girl giggles under our belt by that time. Having positive memories will make things easier during the challenging times!

I am very excited to begin the next portion of our journey… t minus 22 hours…

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  1. Oh wow…hopefully you’ll have time to squeeze in an update this weekend!

  2. How exciting!!! I’m glad you have a few days to get the rooms straightened out 🙂 I took a couple boys (brothers) last month from another foster family and I had never had the chance to prepare for new children before. It was nice! Usually, there’s the call Wednesday afternoon then BOOM there they are at my door.
    Good luck with your new girls and I pray your plan eases their conflicts.


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