They’re heeeeeeere!

Daffy, Kibee, April, Daisy and LilBug

Daisy & April moved in on Friday as planned. I was a bundle of nerves even as I saw the worker’s car pull up. The girls were cautiously friendly and definitely remembered us, Daisy even commented that I got my hair cut. The worker left the kids pre-adoptive histories with us. (I was glad to get a chance to review them before the disclosure meeting on Tuesday so that I can ask a few questions.)

Goofy had stayed home to help me get the rooms switched around, so he and I took the girls to a local pizza place to grab some lunch before heading to their new school for a tour. The school had not yet determined who their teachers would be (despite my very specific requests) but the girls were able to see the school and their potential classrooms.

We dismissed Daffy while we were at the school and she was ELATED to see the girls! We came to get settled in and @abuggleslife stopped by for an hour so she and her girls could meet my girls. We watched Toy Story 3 and the girls went to bed around 10pm. I fell fast asleep and stayed that way until 4:45am when the girls woke Mickey up with their noise. They hadn’t yet gone to sleep! We quickly moved Daffy into our room and layed down the law about the need for sleep. The girls finally crashed and got a few hours of sleep before Daffy got up at 9am and Daisy & April got up at 11am!

Yesterday we made a pilgrimage to Walmart to pick up a few things we needed. That went amazingly well other than letting Goofy drive the cart of which he used twice to run over ankles! LOL

We watched Shrek The Third last night and had our first “chat time” before bed. I read the book “Maybe Days” and we talked about Thanksgiving memories. Lights were out at 8:30pm and the girls went right to sleep! Ahhhhhh, life is good!

This morning the former foster family drove down the rest of the girl’s stuff…. while they have almost no clothing, they sure have lots of toys and such! Its going to be quite a project to get everything put away!

I am eager to see what the week will bring as we are able implement more routine into the girl’s schedules.

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  1. Tricia

     /  November 11, 2012

    This is all very exciting! What are their ages?

  2. robynx84

     /  November 12, 2012

    Phew! New big adventure, so excited for you all 🙂 thinking of your family and the girls as you all adjust to this “new normal”, hoping all transitions go quickly and smoothly as possible


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