Under Investigation

[Blogging out of order… full update on the past 11 days to follow…]

Today I received a call from a special investigator for the state. She was calling to follow up on the report that I filed on Friday. She said that our local police declined to pursue the case, but that she still needed to make face to face contact with every child under 18 in our home. Amazingly, with less than 2 hours notice, we were able to pull off a visit between her and all 5 kids.

She was an interesting woman to say the least! She is very well educated with a sharp sense of intuition. I was enthralled talking to her over the course of the 3 hours she was at our home. She has seen it all, especially in her current position. I asked what percent of her cases were founded and she said she has had only 1 case per year on average that is pursued legally! That is one heck of a lot of false allegations!

In any case, she was very confident in our safety plan and in our abilities as parents and foster parents. She said that the 3 girls (and the boys, too!) are obviously well cared for and happy to be placed here.

The only thing of note, when she interviewed April and was discussing appropriate touch and safe boundaries, she asked April if she knew why she was here. April replied “Yes, because of what happened at [group home name] with Daffy & Daisy!” Ummmmm, what??? What happened at the group home between you three girls?? I am trying to keep my mind in check and not let my fears get the best of me, but I am FURIOUS at the idea something may have already happened between these girls and no one would bother to mention that to us while we not only accepted placement but also discussed the 3 girls sharing a room!!!

The investigator is going to follow up with the group home and get back to me. Until then, I wait. What else is new? *sigh*

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