The Medical Update

medsA few weeks back, Mickey and I took Daffy to the doctor to discuss her weight and her ADHD meds. (As you might recall, we fought to take her off a stimulant and get her onto a non-stimulant because of her weight loss and lack of appetite on the Vyvanse. Her PCP prescribed her 18mg of Strattera at the end of last summer.)  After the endless struggles over the past 4 months regarding homework and other tasks, as well as the teacher comments on her report card, it seemed that maybe an increase of the medication was in order. The PCP agreed and increased her dose to 40mg (the next dose up from 18mg). She has only been taking it about a week and a half, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect, which is really too bad. I know that drugs are not a miracle cure, but I was hoping that if Daffy could become more focused, it would be one less thing to argue about.

While at the PCP’s office, I also voiced my concerns about Daffy’s weight. She weighed 64 pounds when she moved here in January 2012. She weighed 64 pounds at the appointment. How can a child NOT grow in more than 2 years?? She had been in the 21st percentile when she moved in and is now in the 4th percentile. The doctor did not seem concerned at all, saying she will likely just be “small”, but I think there is something more. She has had control issues around food the entire time she has been here and she obsesses over being “skinny”… it wouldn’t take much for her to topple over to an eating disorder. The doctor gave her a lecture about trying new foods and eating healthy and she nodded but couldn’t remember what he said when he asked her to repeat it back. Time will tell if this will be a bigger problem than it already is… but at least I documented my concerns. I’m pretty used to being ignored by the “experts”… guess I’ll fry some other fish, so to speak, while I wait for this one to play out. We have a follow up in April, maybe he will care then?


The Missing Social Studies Book & What Happened To The Baby?

The Missing Social Studies Book

The last few months I have posted only general updates. Last night it occurred to me that I am missing a critical factor by not blogging on a more regular basis and with details: DOCUMENTATION. I know how important documentation is. I’ve used the information I’ve documented on my blog numerous times as reference for dates and events. It’s time for me to push through the fact it’s uncomfortable and blog more frequently.

On, that note, the ongoing minor drama of the week is The Missing Social Studies Book! Daffy’s teacher emailed me Monday and said that we need to pay $80+ for the book. She said that Daffy had searched the school and couldn’t locate it and asked that we look at home. First of all, Daffy NEVER mentioned any missing book. I have no idea how long it’s been missing. Second, when I asked Daffy about it and said she should spend time looking, she said she had already looked at home but that she needed to check at school. I confronted her with the fact that contradicted what her teacher said and of course she shut down. Per usual. I’ve emailed the teacher about the book and indicated that I DO NOT want a new book issued. I do NOT have the money to be replacing books that Daffy loses. I have yet to hear back from the teacher and Daffy doesn’t seem to be spending any time looking. This doesn’t seem to bother Mickey at all. Maybe he has hidden money that I don’t know about.

I’m sure you are really here, though, to find out what happened to the baby? So last night a friend of mine came over. She comes over on a fairly regular basis and usually brings her littlest one, who is now 18 months. We hang out in the game room and her son usually is in the same area, sometimes going into the dining room which is up 2 steps from the game room. All of us (myself, Mickey, my friend, Tink, Tink’s friend and 9 month old baby and the 18 month old) were in the game room last night, except Daffy. She was in the dining room. The 18 month old wondered over and went into the dining room. Since my friend had already put up the dog bowls, there really wasn’t a lot of concern. Suddenly, there was an ear piercing scream. There was a split second where everyone froze and then my friend raced around the corner into the dining room. She found Daffy standing calmly next to the 18 month old. Daffy matter-of-factly stated “His fingers are jammed in the drawer.” My friend had to pry the drawer back open to get her son’s fingers out (which were already badly bruised) and scooped him up and brought him into the game room.

She walked in to dead silence. I think everyone had realized at the same time the likelihood of what Daffy had just done. Well, everyone except Mickey of course. He maintains that she was “emptying the trash” around another corner and into the kitchen. Since there is a window into the kitchen from the game room, I could clearly see that Daffy was NOT emptying the trash. Then Mickey decided that maybe Daffy WASN’T emptying the trash, but that she had been there but was totally calm because she didn’t know what to do. Ok, Mickey, smoke another one. No matter what Daffy’s behaviors, either she, Mickey or her therapist have an excuse to explain it away. It kind of reminds me when my mother was sick and not yet diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. She would say that the muscle weakness was from one thing and the cough from another and other symptoms from other things. As a nurse, she did not want to admit that all her symptoms together would ultimately diagnose her with a a fatal illness that would kill her in two year’s time. I think that Mickey and the therapist are in that same denial. If they excuse away each behavior (drawings, threats, suicidal and homicidal thoughts, etc) they don’t have to look at the reality of the problem we have on our hands and the fact that our mental health system is not equipped to help her.



Classic Daffy

Stock Photo from Wikipedia

Daffy had her physical last week and FINALLY received an ADHD diagnosis. She began medication last week and I am hopeful this will benefit her long term. As I told her last week during chat time, the medication wont change who she is, but should help her to feel like her head in not in a blender getting all mixed up all the time.

Earlier that same night she had written me this letter after she struggled to work on the thank you cards from her adoption gifts.


I’m sorry if I did something wrong. I didn’t mean to. If I was The reason that I didn’t get it done when you came out of the shower was cause I was crying for one or two minutes then I went down stairs and yes I did get distracted. I saw the pickles on the counter so I took one. I know I should of asked but it was really tempting and I didn’t want to ask you cause you were in the shower and you wouldn’t of heard me and also you would of yell’d at me for not writing the letters so I made a bad choice then I went in the warm room and looked for a clipboard in there cause thats where they are then that took like 5 minutes then I found one and ran back upstairs. I looked for the notes and I thought I took them with me so I went back downstairs and looked for them for about 1 or 2 min. I went back upstairs and found them. There under my list of people I needed to write thank you notes to so by the time I took out a card, wrote Tracy on it you came out. I don’t know why I didn’t tell you the hole story but there it is. Oh also when you said go in your room I thought you meant go in your room and write the letters in there so I was confused. Sorry.

Love, Daffy Lastname

PS I’m crying cause I don’t know if I did something bad. PSS I still love you PPSS Can I still write my letters? PPSSS Can I still go to the Monster Mash? PPPSSS Write me back please.

Reading her letter made me DIZZY and confirmed for me exactly why the ADHD diagnosis and medication is appropriate for her.

So far the only drawback we have seen with the meds is how it affects her sleep schedule. Her bedtime is 7pm on school nights and 8pm on the weekends. Several nights last week, she was still awake at 11pm. Reports from the school are that she had a very good week. She reported herself that she felt like her brain had flip flopped from bad to focused. We have  seen a lot less difficulty in completely homework and a lot more focus on getting her room cleaned up. Overall, I feel like this is a good choice for her, I just need to decide if this is the right medication for her or if the issues with sleep are too much and we should try a different medication.

I am still planning to follow through on the nueropsych exam that her therapist has recommended because I think it will give us a lot more insight as to areas she needs the most help.

Everyone wants these kids…

Our caseworker put us in touch with a former pre-adoptive family [further to be known as Woody, Jessie & Buzz] that Donald and Daffy were placed with 3 years ago. I called Jessie today and we ended up meeting for lunch. What a surreal experience. The more I learn about this case, the more I am convinced that the majority of the trauma and loss that these kids experienced is a direct result of the actions of the state. This turned out to be the SECOND  foster family that wanted to adopt. They never had any closure. The foster parents and children fully expected to continue visits and did not learn they wouldn’t until after they had seen each other for the last time. This was the STATE’S decision, but no one ever explained that to Donald or Daffy. They were left to believe that another family had abandoned them. This disturbs me deeply, but even more so to learn that this family has not moved on. They have maintained their foster care license over the past 3 years simply for the hope that Donald & Daffy would one day be returned them. It was not until yesterday that they learned the children had been placed with us and  they were finally able to begin their grieving process.

Jessie was understandably emotional as she shared her family’s story today. Their story is so similar to ours, they might as well be the same. They started the process in much the same way, went through a long transition, and then watched as Donald became increasingly dangerous to both Daffy and their son, Buzz. In less than a week, they had the police at their home twice as every member of their family was physically attacked. Donald was admitted to a psychiatric facility (the same he went to when he left our home) and then moved to residential care (the same he moved to when he left the hospital in February). The only stark difference is that we were able to keep Daffy in our care this time around.

Hearing their story reminded me how fragile our relationship with the children is. The state can pull the plug at anytime for any reason or no reason at all. As we continued talking, I silently prayed that our “happily ever after” will not follow their path, a path which clearly led to sadness and despair.

We decided to set up a visit for both of our families next week at their house. I am nervous. Daffy seemed cautiously happy that I scheduled this reunion. I am hopeful that rekindling a relationship that was so special to her will be beneficial and not something that triggers her sense of loss and rejection. I wish I had a crystal ball, some way of knowing if this is the right choice, but since I don’t, I am left to trust my heart. My heart tells me that if I were in Jessie’s shoes, I would want to continue a relationship with these beautiful children and that these children deserve all the love they can get after the raw deal they have been dealt.

In unrelated news, we received the results of Daffy’s special education testing today. I was quite pleased to see that she was average, above average or even superior in some areas! This means she will not qualify for an IEP, but if she gets an ADHD diagnosis from her doctor, she may qualify for 504 accommodations. The team did a great job discussing her learning style and some accommodations that would benefit her. I left feeling very please with the outcome. Next, I need to drop off copies to the the doctor’s office for review and then wait for an appointment.

Wishes, Visits, Attachment & Testing

Sometimes I get so busy tweeting the little ins and outs of our daily lives, I forgot to come and blog.When nothing “major” is happening, it doesnt seem to warrant sitting down to write, but I know the little things are often more important so I am going to try to be better with posts! 🙂

A few things of note over the past few weeks:

  • Daffy asked her “Fairy Godmother” to grant her a wish… a picture of her and her biological Mom! Her Fairy Godmother was able to grant that wish and it was an amazing moment! Daffy opened the package, saw the picture and was completely overwhelmed with emotion. She told me later that night that she never cried from happiness before. She has been thrilled to show the picture to anyone who will look and is often analyzing it for little details and similarities.
  • Daffy saw Donald for the first time since being moved to the new residential treatment center. Daffy was “bored” within 5 minutes of being there and told me as we left later that she thought the place was “creepy.” I really didn’t know what to say because honestly, it IS creepy.
  • Donald’s former CW and I took him to lunch one day after a meeting last week. I was not happy when his new CW and our SW bailed on going because I had made it VERY clear that I did NOT want to go alone with him, but ultimately I ended up driving him both ways by myself. He scares me and he knows it. I try to put on my “game face” with him, but I know he can see right through it. (I have never really had much of a poker face, anyway.)
  • We received a copy of Donald’s Treatment Plan. I am happy that there are some very specific goals set for him over the course of the next year, but at the same time I feel like only Donald’s needs are being viewed. For example, he is currently physically attacking peers and staff an average of 1-2 times per day. The goal is for him to decrease the attacks by 90% before he moves in. Ummmmm, I am not really okay with my FAMILY (or anyone!) being attacked at a rate of even 10% of what he is currently engaging in. How can the state even ASK us to accept that???? If he were an adult, the state would pull my children for allowing them to be exposed to that kind of domestic violence.
  • Daffy has been sharing all sorts of things with me during our chats. She shared about the last visit she had with her mom and what it was like the day she was taken. Her therapist thinks these are signs that she is attaching. All this attachment talk boggles my mind. I mean, I GET what attachment is, I know why its important, I understand what causes issues in attachment, but what I dont understand is how I will know if Daffy is truly attached. I know *I* am attached to her…. the days that we thought she might be moved, I was paralyzed and physically sick over the thought of losing her. The more I search for answers, the more questions I find myself asking.
  • The process to get Daffy tested for ADHD is well underway. The school has sent home several forms for us to fill out and this morning I picked up additional forms from her pediatricians office for us and the school to fill out. We WILL get answers.
  • Tomorrow our SW and I will be meeting with a specialist to discuss Daffy’s sensory issues. While I dont think she has “major” issues, I feel she should be afforded the same close scrutiny that her brother received to best accomodate her needs. I feel she has been ignored for far too long already because her brother had the bigger (& more dangerous) issues. If one good thing can come from their separation right now, its the ability for us to focus on Daffy to allow us and her therapist to help her flourish.
  • Daffy got her new glasses. The eye doctor had told us the prescription was minimal and there was no need to get it filled unless she started getting headaches while reading. The school, however, wanted us to get the glasses indicating they couldnt test properly if she couldnt see,  so we got the glasses. I was SHOCKED when I tried them on to find how strong they are! She wasnt really thrilled to get them, saying they made her look like a “teacher”, but they seem to be growing on her, especially as people comment how “cute” she looks in them!
  • She had her first sleepover away from the house this weekend. The next day I asked if she forgot what I looked like since she didnt call and she said she was wondering if I was crying because I was missing her. I feel like the fact that I was on her mind was a good thing.
  • I have several trainings coming up in May. I love learning and I can’t wait!

-Minnie xo

[All names have (obviously) been changed to protect the privacy of our family.]

Where we’re at…

I told Mickey last week “I feel like we live one crisis to the next.” It’s really a draining place to be, but it’s my life, so I do the best I can. What other choice do I have?

A few updates from the past 10 days or so:

  • Donald has been kicked out of his current school. He physically assaulted 2 of the staff members to the point that the police needed to be called. The staff determined that they are not able to meet his needs.
  • The group home that Donald returned to has determined that they are not able to care for him without him in the local public school so they requested that he be moved.
  • The state attempted to find a high level foster family to take him (with no pets, no siblings and a strong adult male) and were unsuccessful so Donald is moving to another residential facility.
  • This move is to take place tomorrow.
  • Daffy started her gymnastics lessons. She was extremely nervous on the first day, but made it through class and seems to be looking forward to continuing!
  • A special ed meeting has been scheduled for this week for Daffy since her case worker requested testing as a result of the ADHD discussions. I am eager to see if she has any learning disabilities (I am thinking in the area of math) as well as get the ball rolling to resolve her attention issues.
  • I finally got around to nominating our social worker for Caseworker of the Month at!
  • The blog update I previously mentioned is underway…. fun new look coming soon!

Guess thats all I can muster for this Monday morning!

-Minnie xo

[All names have (obviously) been changed to protect the privacy of our family.]

The Former Fosters

Yesterday I finally was able to get the number for a former foster family of Donald & Daffy. The kids were with this family when they were very young and then again at another point after they were taken from their biological mother for a second time. I had wondered why this family did not adopt Donald & Daffy since I knew they had adopted other kids. When I asked this at a recent team meeting, we were told this family wasnt interested in adopting them and just in foster care at that time.

Last night we called them and Daffy was able to talk to them. When she was finished, they asked to talk to me and gave me some brief info including the fact they had a lawyer and fought to keep the kids!!! Can you just imagine the old wounds that I opened? I feel so tricked by the state who led me to believe that this family hadnt wanted to adopt them when CLEARLY they did. They put on brave voices but I could sense the pain that THEY were not the “forever family” at the end of the day.

The call was very close to Daffy’s bedtime and she literally hung on me the entire time I talked to them. When I asked her to get back on the phone to say goodnight she started melting down because she would not have time to finish  the movie she was watching before dinner. I hung up with promises to keep in touch. Mickey followed Daffy to her room to read a book and she started screaming that she only wanted me. It breaks my heart that she is not able to connect with Mickey right now. As much as I wanted to be stubborn, I did go “chat” with Daffy and she was able to calm down which gave me a chance to remind her that she does not have to be out of control. She does have choices.

This morning, I woke to a series of irritating emails, some good, some bad.

First, the state is now recommending that the SCHOOL do Daffy’s testing for ADHD. They dont believe the powers-that-be will approve a neuro psych exam or a visit to the nurse practitioner. I suggested going the school route 2 or 3 weeks ago and was told to wait. While I dont mind having her tested through the school, this totally creates a new delay since the school will have to go through the entire formal process and in the end, they dont have the ability to diagnose ADHD. WHO exactly is looking out for this child’s best interest??? Its certainly not the state despite what any paperwork states.

Second, I got an email from the group home that due to “personal commitments” none of their staff of 20 or so is available to meet the first week of April for a meeting our social worker requested to discuss the mixed messages being sent to Donald. Are you kidding me??? If I showed that little level of commitment, my foster parenting days would be over. I am a VERY fair person and hate that they are held to a different standard than I am!

Third, I got an email stating that Daffy can write a letter to her biological mother than will actually be mailed. It will need to go through her caseworker and any return letter will as well which is comforting, but I am still nervous. I am nervous her biological mother will still not take responsibility for her actions send confusing messages to Daffy. I am nervous that her biological mother will not give any sort approval or indication of acceptance at Daffy being adopted which will just add confusion to the transition and attachment work. I really do want Daffy to have the information she is seeking (which is whether or not her bio mom is safe) but I fear what else may happen as a result. I do want to be supportive of her quest for information because I know how important my own quest was an adoptee. I really felt like I needed to know… and I DID need to know…. but  I wasnt nine. And I wasnt in foster care not yet attached to my adoptive parents. *sigh* I never would guessed how complicated this would be.

In Donald news, his liver tests are showing great improvement. We also learned that yesterday one of the staff took him to a local park to take photos of nature and he fell in the RIVER! Apparently she had to go in after him, even though the water was only a couple feet deep. Between that and the horse stepping on his foot, I’d ask “What next?” but trust me, I dont want to know.

-Minnie xo

[All names have (obviously) been changed to protect the privacy of our family.]

Burning Mad

Tuesday we had our team meeting. There were 12 of us in attendance and that was a “small meeting” relatively speaking. My grandmother used to say “too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth.” I think the broth around here is definitely rotten.

The meeting started with clarification from our cw’s boss that they do not have plans to move Daffy. He said that he has never seen a child stay in a home for a year and then be moved so we really dont have anything to worry about (providing we continue with the current plan). I was quite relieved until I realized he was only talking out one side of his mouth. Later in the meeting we discussed permanency goals and Daffy’s desire to be adopted in December, and he readily agreed that was a good goal. That is, until he realized that Donald and Daffy might not be “ready” for adoption at the same time. Our sw and WWK’s worker both said that daffy should not have to wait to attach and move on with her life simply because her brother was not ready. He completely disagreed and said that it would be too detrimental to Donald. Nothing like putting Donalds needs ahead of Daffy’s. Again. So, all in all, we ended up at the very same place we started. Wait & see what happens.

The therapist brought up the need for Daffy to receive a psych eval or at the very least be evaluated for ADHD meds. The state reps of course hemmed and hawed. A psych eval requires a court order. Why on earth would they want to go through all that work to determine what issues face this child when they have far bigger fish to fry? Ugh. Right now we are in a holding pattern waiting for the therapist to write a formal request to the cw and we will go from there. There is absolutely no sense of urgency for Daffy’s needs.

The update from the group home regarding Donald was interesting to say the least. They started with 2 points:

1. Donald’s primary objective is to attempt to scare and intimidate people. He wants to see their fear.

2. Donald wants to be in control.

The consensus at the table was that this is “classic” domestic abuse. (No kidding. I just LIVED it with him in our home.)  They went on to say that he is agitated all the time and that “this time around” his behaviors are far more willful. He is not simply raging and accidentally causing harm, he is very purposeful in his actions. I took the insinuation to mean they they believe that in the 13 days he lived with us, we single handedly ruined the 2.5 years of work they did with him during his previous stay. Get real. He was ALWAYS purposeful, they just turned a blind eye because they did not want to believe someone so young could be so damaged and so dangerous. They commented about 2 incidents: one where he threw a sled at another child and one where he kicked a hole in the bathroom door (neither of which resulted in restraints). They also noted that he is using vulgar language. (Ya dont say!)

We set up visits for the next 2 weeks (one day each week) and I was told we can add more when “we are ready”…. wait, I thought this new plan was to go on HIS timeline to determine when HE is ready to move forward??? Honestly, I dont know when we will be ready. From what we have been hearing about his behaviors since fully coming off the meds, I dont even feel comfortable seeing him THIS weekend, especially with his sister in tow.

During the meeting the group home also mentioned the new supplements they have Donald on and mentioned they have a “benefactor” who is paying for them. What? They are so expensive they need a benefactor???? Way to set us up to fail. Need I remind them that we are a FAMILY and we dont have BENEFACTORS to pick up such expenses? It was also interesting when the cw asked them confirm they had gotten approval from the medical part of the state and no one seemed to be able to do that. Who ARE these unmonitored out of control people and why are they allowed to make these choices? Ugh.

So, it turns out, while the meeting was going on, Donald was deciding he had enough of school. This was only his first full day since the end of January, after all. He refused to do his spelling and when he was removed from the classroom, he threw a chair at his sped worker. They decided to “send him home” for the rest of the day. WHAT??? Its okay to physically assault school staff and all he has to do is go home which is what he wanted in the first place???? Its no wonder this kid has these types of behaviors, there is clearly no incentive to change!

More irritating to me, though, the school did not call me. The group home did not call me. I learned of this incident from Donald himself when I spoke to him on the phone that evening. Are you kidding me???? I was totally taken by surprise. I do not feel I can be an effective parent if I am not respected as a parent. I immediately sent an email to the group home (copying the cw) and to our social worker. I was ticked!

My emails spawned a new conversation about what kind of communication is necessary and we are still in the throws of working those details out. My social worker asked for a daily report and the group home replied they would do their best to provide a “weekly report”. Not acceptable. They have a freakin staff of nearly 20 people. SOMEONE can send a 2 sentence update daily. Heck, as a high level foster parent, *I* was required to keep daily notes on Donald myself and *I* didnt have assistants to help me with such tasks! (Can you tell I am pissed? Just wait, I get angrier….)

So yesterday, I got quite a nice update via email with some details about what happened on Tuesday. I also learned that 3 incidents required removal from the class on Wednesday (only a few details were provided about 1 of 3 incidents). At least I knew what I was in for when I called last night. I put Daffy to bed at 7pm and picked up the phone and called Donald at 7:03pm. He was LIVID that I was “late” calling him. Seriously? THREE minutes???? We were told we had a 15 minute window in which to call him, so 3 minutes is NOT late, in fact, its on the early side. I was able to change the conversation fairly well and the call went as usual.

Today, I got an email from the group home stating that Donald threatened to “punch” and “kill” 2 of the children in the group home shortly before our call last night. Apparently while “processing” his behavior, he told the child care worker that he made the threats because I was late calling him! The email from the group home basically insinuates that its MY FAULT that he made these threats. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME?????? My head almost spun off my body when I read this! To make matters worse, its copied to everyone on the team, even people I have never met. I immediately wrote back and requested confirmation of the 15 minute window we previously had discussed and indicated that Daffy’s bedtime is at the same time as the scheduled calls. I asked for their suggestions on how to resolve the issue. And then I promptly swore out loud. The group home called me twice after receiving the email. I know its not a very grown up thing to say, but I bitch buttoned them both times. I was FURIOUS and knew that I could not speak in a kind or rational manner at that time. Hell, its been nearly 6 hours and I STILL have no interest in talking to them. I did talk to my social worker and vented about my frustrations. She was, of course, soothing and said we can work to create a better plan tomorrow as to what kind of communication we are requesting.

I put Mickey up to calling Donald tonight. The passive agressive side of me wanted to call late, so it seemed like a better choice to simply let Mickey handle the call while I put Daffy to bed. The staff spoke to Mickey prior to the call and indicated that Donald had a “good day” which means he did not need to be restrained. Thats a GOOD DAY???? Lets be honest here, folks. Throwing things, swearing & threatening peoples lives are NOT behaviors of a good day whether they result in a restraint or not. These people need to GET SERIOUS about the  issues that Donald faces. HE NEEDS MEDICATION! This nonsense of having him on a homeopathic course is NOT a good choice for a child who is truly mentally ill and suffering from so many different and complicated disorders. HE IS DANGEROUS. I dont know how many times I can say that or what it will take for someone to hear that. He is going to seriously harm or kill someone if he stays on this path. How can they not see this???? How can they be doing nothing to protect the other children he is on contact with (at the group home and at school)? I would be LIVID if I had a child in contact with him and was not made aware of the seriousness of the situation. I honestly believe we are headed towards a Dateline episode after something horrible happens. My face will, of course, be in the shadows and clips from this blog will roll across the screen in an eery foreshadowing of things to come.

I dont feel like I can trust anything or anyone at this point. There is no guarantee that Daffy will stay with us. There is no guarantee that Donald will ever be well enough to live safely in a family. I feel very discouraged.

-Minnie xo

[All names have (obviously) been changed to protect the privacy of our family.]

No meds? Are you nuts?

I spoke to Donald’s group home today and they shared that they (along with a nurse practitioner) are removing him from his lithium over the next 8 days. I don’t support this on any level.

1. During his hospitalization his liver enzymes were high (to the point of being a raging alcoholic with liver failure) from having taken the previous concoction of meds.

2. They chose lithium as a course of treatment because it is filtered through the kidneys rather than the liver. They also added Abilify.

3. The Abilify caused his liver enzymes to sky rocket again so they removed it on discharge day leaving him with lithium as his ONLY medication.

4. The lithium stabilized him to the point he could be released (going from being physically assaultive twice per day to every other day).

5. He is mentally ill. In addition to previous diagnoses of ADHD, PTSD & RAD, they determined he likely has childhood biploar disorder.

Does this sound like a kid that should come off ALL MEDICATION for 2 weeks???? I am truly terrified for the other children in the residential home and the children in his classroom.