The CASA Update

CASAI am sad to report that I will likely not reach my personal goal of becoming a CASA volunteer this year. I had hoped that if I had my name removed from our foster care license, this would remove the conflict of interest. Unfortunately, our local office decided that since Mickey would still hold HIS license and we are married, that it would still be a conflict. I’m not willing to get divorced, lol, so my goal is on the back burner until we decide to officially close our license. (I think we will probably renew our license this summer so that we can continue to do respite.)

The person I emailed with earlier this month said there may be ways I can volunteer with the CASA organization without being an actual CASA Volunteer. She passed my name along but I have yet to hear anything. I will follow up with them soon, as I am eager to feel useful.

Have you ever considered becoming a CASA Volunteer? I would encourage you to visit their website and explore how you can make a difference in the life of a foster child.