Wendy’s $1 Frosty Key Tag Is Back!

Wendy’s $1 Frosty Key TagAs you know, Daffy was a part of the “Wendy’s Wonderful Kids” program. I fully support their mission and wanted to let you know about their latest promotion from Wendy’s! Through mid-April, you can buy a Frosty Key Tag for $1 while supplies last, which will get you a free Jr. Frosty every time you present the tag with your purchase through August.

All proceeds benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, an organization that helps children waiting in foster care find loving homes. Through Wendy’s support of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, more than 4,000 children in foster care have been adopted. Last year, Wendy’s raised $450,000 during the key tag promotion, and hopes to raise $1.3 million this year.


Halloween Frosty Coupon Book At Wendy’s Helps Kids In Foster Care

Halloween Frosty Coupon Book

I was so excited to see that this great deal at Wendy’s is back again this year! You can purchase a Halloween Frosty Coupon Book for $1! This booklet contains 10 coupons for a FREE Frosty Jr! These are great to give out at Halloween or even to keep on hand for a treat with the kids! Even better? Every book sold benefits our friends at the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption! I think I’ve mentioned before that we found Daffy and Donald as a result of Wendy’s Wonderful Kids so this is definitely a cause that is close to my heart! Please consider heading to your local Wendy’s to support this offer! Click here to find a Wendy’s in your area!

Thanks to She Saved for bringing this to my attention!

My Thoughts on the Russian Adoption Ban

Russia's President Vladimir Putin signed a bill banning Americans from adopting Russian children.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin

Yesterday I woke to the headline “Putin signs anti-US adoption bill”. Since that time, I have felt a variety of emotions about the issue and have been asked my opinion, as if I am some sort of “expert”. I am no expert. Having been adopted and even adopting a child from the US foster care system do not make me an expert on adoption, especially foreign adoption. I am just one person, with one story.

That said, the things that stand out most in my mind about today’s events are two-fold. First, my heart is breaking for the families who will be most directly effected by Putin’s decision. It has been reported that 46 children who were about to be adopted in the US will now remain in Russia. My heart breaks for those families… the families who fell in love with those children, who mentally prepared for them to come “home”. My heart breaks for those children who had light at the end of the tunnel and who now have nothing but darkness.

The silver lining to this “top news” is the opportunity to have open discussions about adoption within the mainstream media. Watching the comments play out on my local new outlet’s Facebook page made me realize how much misinformation is out there about adoption in the US, particularly adoption from foster care. I would encourage anyone looking into foster care or adoption to check out the common myths on AdoptUSKids.org:

Contact your local state office or adoption agency to get FACTUAL information. Please do not believe what you see on Facebook or what you hear from the “friend of a friend”. The road to adoption through foster care may be bumpy, but it IS worth it. But remember, I am just one person and this is my truth. You have to find your own truth.