It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Its finally starting to feel like Christmas around here! My friend, Abuggleslife on Twitter, came over with Kibee and Lilbug yesterday and we spent the afternoon crafting and baking for the holidays! Today, Mickey and my in-laws are making homemade perogies for Christmas Eve!

The past several weeks have been one stressor after another. Between Daffy’s explosive behavior, April’s selective mutism and Daisy’s defiance, I was at my wit’s end on more than one occasion. I have mixed feelings about Daisy and April having moved. There is a part of me that misses them, misses what could have been. On the other hand, though, I am very focused on Daffy’s well being and eager to see her get back to a place of confidence within our family. I’m sad that Daffy’s first adopted holiday turned out to be such a stressful time for her.

April’s last night here culminated with Daffy packing her bag and trying to run away. I chased her down the stairs and slammed the door shut just as she opened it (thank God her fingers weren’t in the door!) Definitely not a fun night. 😦

Not only has Daffy had the stress of the 2 foster girls, but also 2 visits with her birth mom (one alone and one with Donald for his birthday last week). She is clearly trying to process the visits and what role her birth mom will play in her life. I can tell that she feels very conflicted and it’s something I plan to mention to her therapist in hopes that she can help Daffy work through the grief and guilt. It breaks my heart that adoption is the happiest yet saddest thing a person can experience.