Daddy Moments

While riding in the boat this weekend, I noticed that Daffy seemed sullen. I am not sure what was on her mind, but she was very quiet and withdrawn. Mickey  must have noticed the same thing. I heard him call to her and considered looking back to see if she was getting in some sort of trouble, but decided I was enjoying myself on the front of the boat too much to engage in whatever Mickey was clearly able to handle on his own.

A few moments later, I heard him gently giving Daffy instructions on how to drive the boat. I whipped my head around to find that Mickey had called Daffy up to the controls! My heart swelled! Over the past 9 months, Daffy has not gotten nearly as close with Mickey as she has with me. I think, in part, it’s because of the domestic violence she witnessed in her birth home at the hand of her birth father and, in part, because of having lived in a group home run by women for the 2.5 years prior to living with us. In any case, witnessing the two of them sharing this moment was incredible!

Mickey explained to Daffy how to find a fixed point on the horizon and steer the boat in that direction. When she overcompensated because the boat didn’t react to her slight movements, he was patient in guiding her to turn the wheel back. Even at moments when I was sure we were headed for collision with another boat head on, he didn’t become alarmed. He calmly explained to her how to right the boat and waited patiently as she corrected it.

Throughout, Daffy was glowing. The excitement shown in her eyes and I saw a closeness between the two of them that I have never seen before. I was overwhelmed with emotion, tears in my eyes, seeing Mickey’s perseverance. He has faced greater challenges than I have in this journey to become the parents of such a beautiful little girl. He has fought against the odds to win Daffy over, and in that moment, I was sure he finally had.